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Winnipeg Politicians are like all other politicians they spend your money no matter what party they represent its like a dictatorship with many heads.  There will always be a Federal Debt or the dollar would collapse from deflation if it was paid off even in part. They all work for the banks not you.  In 2008 the government spent 125 billion to bail out the banks and even though they are leveraged from 23:1 (BMO) to 35:1 CIBC and they became bankrupt from running the fractional reserve banking Ponzi scheme that is mathematically impossible they save them by printing more currency and adding more debt.  It is endless they will print to infinity to save the banks and you are so fucked if you don't own gold and silver in your possession.

You are their pawn - the sheeple. If we lived in a democracy you would be able to have a vote in decisions not a "representative"  This is called direct democracy.

The money and banking system is not capitalism it is socialism for the banks - in Capitalism you go bankrupt when you fail.

Would you go to the store and use monopoly money to buy something?  Of course not!  But if the government said that you could i'm sure you would rush out and use it.  Well that's what they did. 

The government debt interest payments are paid in large part to the banks who can leverage their dollars 10 to one to buy government bonds.  the government is nothing but a front for the banks to make more money by using government to collect tax dollars to make interest payments.

Makes you want to pay more in taxes now doesn't it?


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